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About Solitaire M. 

Solitaire M. saw-luh-tare em (she/they) 

Hi there! I'm a queer genderfluid femme with lineage from the Philippines, Sāmoa and Tonga, born and raised on O'ahū, Hawai'i and am a settler on Ramaytush Ohlone land-San Francisco since 2003. I'm a multidisciplinary artist, PreK-5th gr. Education Specialist at California Academy of Sciences, Freelance Video Editor and SF Commons Public Access TV Producer.

My Performance draws from improv, neo-futurist, music, burlesque, clowning, puppetry, movement, my Video practice flows into documentary, stop-motion, editing, projection, projection mapping and my Writing takes the form of short plays, zines, and poetry.

I'm a lover of San Francisco's fog, a curio cabinet collector, a secret action-comedy enthusiast and an armchair rock hound. I take part in grassroots community action, hyping up other performers and volunteering at my neighborhood garden/art space. I enjoy noodling around with various electronic and acoustic instruments, keeping fresh flowers on my altar, going to music and experimental art shows at intimate venues and walking around the city.  

For an up-to-date resume, please visit my LinkedIn.


Through integrating holistic, reflective, dynamic, experiential and self-care practices as tools of support, I want to help clients affirm and source from the richness of the experiences or content that they already bring into the space.

I am enthusiastic about amplifying and elevating artists, educators, community workers and changemakers, especially those from marginalized communities, by helping to unravel and manifest their ideas from start to finish.


Let's create something special and impactful!

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