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Education Specialist, Trainer, Consultant, Speaker


For a decade, I was a full-time Preschool Teacher before transitioning in 2021 to my current role as a School Programs Education Specialist and informal Educator working with PreK-5th grade at the California Academy of Sciences

I work with an anti-bias (link to an article I was interviewed for), culturally-responsive, IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Liberation), social-emotional, neurobiological/trauma-informed, STEM/STEAM, creative arts and inquiry-based lens. Because I was in the classroom for 12+ years, I know how challenging the position is and want to offer as much practical support, self-care and affirmation for Early Childhood Education Providers as I can. 

For meaningful support in your program, please reach out. As an independent contractor, I would love to be a warm, reflective and responsive resource to educators and what they envision for their program.


Early Childhood Education Trainer, Facilitator info

Two-Eyed Seeing: Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (consultant)

Claude's Hatchday | California Academy of Sciences (Grades 2-4, webinar facilitator)

Make Earth Day Every Day | California Academy of Sciences (Grades 2-5, webinar co-facilitator)

Spooktacular Skulls | California Academy of Sciences (Grades 3-5, webinar co-facilitator)

Region 9 Head Start Association Early Childhood STEM Conference 2023 (Birth-Preschool, lead facilitator)

Solitaire is sitting in a Preschool classroom with a curious expression dressed in all black raising one hand and holding open a book in the other.
From a bird's eye view, Solitaire observes six preschool-aged children of varying race and gender, comforting an injured friend.
In a preschool classroom, Solitaire points at a video of how pulleys work while preschoolers pay attention
A Preschooler of color uses a pulley and basket to transport colorful pom poms.
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original photo by Ruby Saltzman

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GIF by Bonnie Tang
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