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Solitaire Miguel (saw-luh-tare mee-ghel) she/they, has 12+ years of experience in Early Childhood Education (ECE), with a focus on developmentally appropriate, play-based and culturally relevant DEIA, Multidisciplinary Arts and STEAM-oriented curriculum. Their mission is to provide youth and educators, especially from marginalized communities, a platform for authenticity and self-empowerment through curiosity and creativity. Solitaire integrates holistic, reflective, dynamic, experiential and self-care practices as tools of support for educators that affirm and source from the richness of the experiences that they bring into the space. In 2021, she transitioned from being a full-time Preschool classroom teacher to a School Programs Education Specialist at the California Academy of Sciences museum on Ohlone land San Francisco and is currently working on a few ECE STEM workshops for BANANAS and a workshop for Region 9 Head Start STEM Institute 2023

ECE Professional Blurb

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