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Photo by Joi Conti

Go here for Mabuhay Gardens shows

May 4th 2023: FREE RSVP HERE! Come celebrate with me! It's my first solo interdisciplinary show (video, music, performance and improv). Limited capacity, all ages. 


April 30th 2023: Register here Thank you to my friend Patty Pforte for inviting me to join this panel and share my experience as an educator and museum professional. 

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Save the date: May 4, 2023, Future Funds AAPI Artist Showcase at the Chinese Culture Center, Chinatown, San Francisco, CA! I was awarded with an artist grant from Futures Fund, after being nominated by my frequent collaborator and soul sis, SAMMAY, then interviewed by a panel at the Chinese Culture Center. I was a bit nervous with all the questions, but I sorely need the experience articulating my art. I'm looking forward to meeting the other 15 artists, showcasing my art in May, and continuing to deepen and sustain my artistic practice. Thank you Future Funds and the folks at the Chinese Culture Center! "The Futures Fund will provide funding support for marginalized San Francisco-based API artists from all career stages and a range of artistic disciplines--including visual, film, media, performance, music, traditional arts, craft practices, etc. We believe that unrestricted support to our grantees will not only lower barriers to applications for resources, but allow us to invest in the people already doing essential cultural work to foster interconnectivity, vibrancy, and cultural resiliency. 10-15 API artists will receive an unrestricted cash grant, then a stipend upon completion of 5 in-person workshops learning how to apply for funding/resources from experienced artists."

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