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The source of my performance activations is rooted in lifetimes and generations before I came into existence.


A peek into my maternal side takes me to the Visayas (Philippines) where my family rode the off-kilter wheels of a traveling the Zarzuela* (zar-ZWELL-luh) rolling into rural barangays** (bah-WRONG-guys) of the early 1900's, selling salt and sugarcane in between gigs.

*The zarzuela, originally from 1600's Basque traditions, was innovative in giving a dramatic function to musical numbers, through solo and ensemble dance, acting and operetta with orchestral accompaniment.


**a small village, district or territory

Witnessing my paternal side in my early years has primed me for the work of being a tight and seasoned ensemble performer, embossing the archetype of a performer who can turn it on.  

And as my unique configuration as Solitaire

Let’s Work Together

Based on Ramaytush Ohlone land

San Francisco, CA

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